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Check-out policy

  • Students may check out two books from the library at a time.
  • Return library books within two weeks from the check-out date.
  • There are no late fees and students may renew books twice.

Students may come to the library with their class or a pass during operational hours to utilize resources.  Before school passes are available quarterly and from the librarian only. Lunch passes are available daily and are available from the librarian before the lunch period only. Students must be wearing their student ID at all times in the Hawk Library.

We actively participate in self-censorship at the Hawk Library! 

"Reading is a joy, privilege, and the right of every patron. As you select library books you will read, please understand that every book is not the best choice for everyone. If a book is unappealing or offensive in any way, please return it and select another. You, patrons, know better than we, the library staff, what library materials best serve you and your standards and beliefs."

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