Student Council

The SWMS Student Council attended their spring meeting in spring 2018. The spring meeting is an important event since it is the wrap up to the school year and a chance to recognize all the hard work that has happened this year. SWMS StuCo won trophies in the following areas: Most Outstanding Student Council; Community Service; Pride & Patriotism; Energy & Environment; and DASH- Drug Alcohol Safety and Health. Only three schools in the entire region won the most desired trophy which is Sweepstakes.  In order to win sweepstakes, you have to win in all four categories plus demonstration of a significant community impact. SWMS student council won trophies based on all the service projects they have done over the current school year. Projects include but are not limited to painting the hawks on the sidewalks, hosting school dances, hosting the Verizon Innovated Learning night open house, hosting many Fine Arts events and many more campus events.