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SBISD February Athletics Spotlight: Dereyon Bush

“Dereyon is the model student-athlete,” said Spring Woods Middle School Campus Athletic Coordinator coach Kevin Jackson. “He makes coaching easy, giving 100% effort in everything he does. He is a great leader in the locker room and leads by example. Dereyon is a joy to coach!”

What sport do you participate in and why did you decide to begin participating?
The sports I participate in are football, basketball and track. I decided to be in these sports because I like playing them.
What do you like most about participating in athletics at Spring Woods Middle?
The thing I like the most about Spring Woods Middle School athletics is the work we put in.
What Core Characteristic(s) have you developed most by being part of this activity?
The Core Characteristic I’ve most developed is being Academically Prepared.
How has your coach helped you in the sport?
My coach helped me by continuing to encourage me.
What has been your favorite moment participating in your sport at Spring Woods Middle?
My favorite moments participating in my sports are when we win.
How do you think participating in athletics will prepare you for high school?
Participating in athletics will prepare me for high school by making me a better leader.
Will you continue to play sports in high school?
I will continue to play high school sports as much as possible!

The mission of SBISD Athletics is to transform lives through the power of sport: one student-athlete, one team, one community at a time. By building on the strengths and gifts of each student-athlete and coach, SBISD Athletics plays a crucial role in helping Every Child achieve T-2-4 Success.
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